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Indonesian Language Course for Christian Ministry in Bandung theological Seminary is the program to study Indonesian language, culture and ministry. The program consists of language trainings, cultural classes, ministerial practices, seminars on various topics about Indonesian mission field, and excursions to destination of special interest in/off Bandung. The program provides ministerial practices to help participants practice the language in ministerial context such as preaching, giving testimony, praying, practicing evangelism, and teaching. In addition, we also offer cultural trainings such as; batik painting, traditional dancing, and playing traditinal musical instrument(angklung and gamelan) to enrich participants with cultural experiences. Mission trip provided as an elective program.

Level 01: Basic
Purpose: get used to the language and culture with emphasis on church vocabularles and conversation.
Level 02: Intermediate
Purpose: able to converse in various day-to-day situations with emphasis on Indonesian cultural and ministerial context such as praying, giving short testimony, doing exhortation, etc.
Level 03: Upper-Intermediate
Purpose: improving student's skill in reading, speaking, writing and listening with emphasis on reading Indonesian bible, bible storytelling, giving testimony and praying.
Level 04: Advanced
Purpose: improving student's skill in reading, speaking, listening and writing in ministry context especially for preaching and teaching.

God's calling for this ministry is to equip ministers to serve in ways which are culturally and linguistically sound.
Our objectives:
To enable workers to become proficient at ministering in their target culture.
To accelerate language acquisition and equip workers to effectively evangelize and disciple within that culture as soon as possible.
To equip workers with a broad understanding of the worldviews prevalent in their target cultures.

International students living in Indonesia, KITAS holder, or social cultural visa holder can apply directly to ILCM Program by giving a copy of their KITAS or passport and filling an application form.

In addition to our regular program, we also have a two weeks elective program covering:

First, indonesian culture.
Second, politics and Religion.
Third, indonesian UPGs.
Fourth, mission Trip.

First, modul: $700 Per modul.
Second, dormitory(optionanl): $100 per month(with Indonesian roommates).
ILCM reserves the right to change the above rates at any time without prior notice.

Located in the heart of Bandung, ILCM offers a uniquely stimulating environment and on-campus experiences. We have modern classroom with Audio Video teaching aids to spport better language learning processes. Free internet access is available to all our students. ILCM is also equipped with a resource center dedicated for the students self-language learning with a collection of textbooks, dictionaries, novels, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, videos, cassettes, and other materials. A mini theatre is also available for all students to watch various movies related to language learning.
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Allamat : (40173) JL.Dr.Junjunan 105 Bandung Indonesia
E-Mail : Tel : 022-6016454, 6077920, Fax : 022-6077921
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